EUROPEAN BIG DATA VALUE FORUM : A key event for the future of data in Valencia

EBDVF 2023 took place from October 25 to 27, 2023, organized by BDVA, BIG DATA VALUE Association in Valencia.

This flagship event for the European megadata value community, as well as industrial research and innovation in the field of AI, spanned several days, bringing together all professionals in the field to discuss current trends, challenges and advances in Big Data. With this year’s theme being “Data and AI in Action : Sustainable impact and future realities”, leading industry players, researchers, academics and decision-makers came together to explore the various facets of Big Data.
ExtremeXP partners ActiveEon, BitSparkles, ICCS and the University of Ljubljana attended the various sessions and took part in major discussions and synergies in research and innovation related to ExtremeXP fields such as AI, Big Data, HPC, European DataSpaces Cloud and Cloud Computing. All in all, the EUROPEAN BIG DATA VALUE FORUM in Valencia was a great event, highlighting the growing importance of Big Data.
The ExtremeXP project is co-funded by the European Union Horizon Program HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01-01, under Grant Agreement No. 101093164
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