EXTREMEXP CAPTURES THE LIMELIGHT : CS GROUP innovation at the heart of the HYDROSPACE 2023 workshop in Lisbon

CS GROUP, partner in the ExtremeXP project, made a significant impact at the fifth Space for Hydrology Workshop held in Lisbon from November 27 to December 1, 2023. The workshop, attended by a diverse array of stakeholders, including EO scientists, water researchers, modellers, climate scientists, industry representatives, policymakers, and more, provided a crucial platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration in advancing EO water research.

During the event, CS GROUP took the opportunity to present their work on “Improving Flash Flood Forecasting through the Use of AI”. This presentation not only showcased the latest developments in AI for hydrology but also highlighted the project’s contributions to advancing the scientific agenda in EO water research. The participation of Mickael Savinaud and Kevin Larnier, presenters from CS GROUP, underscored the commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise in the field. Their presentation shed light on the advancements made within the ExtremeXP project.

The ExtremeXP project is co-funded by the European Union Horizon Program HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01-01, under Grant Agreement No. 101093164
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